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Pratley Electrical


Make it perfectly clear.

Superior perlite filter aid products for the food, oil, paper, chemical and other industries.

Eco-friendly water filtration products.

21st century cationic water filtration medium. Ion exchange & superior mechanical filtration properties.

Eco-friendly farming and horticulture products.

Registered zeolite based animal feed additives. Increased NPN, odour & manure control, micotoxin binding and more.

Eco-friendly farming and horticulture products.

Unique, naturally occurring mineral used extensively as a horticultural growing medium.

Eco-friendly construction & thermal insulation products.

Lightweight, insulating & fireproof aggregate. Produce energy saving plasters & screeds.


About Us

Pratley actively processes two minerals called Perlite and Clinoptilolite (zeolite) from a unique deposit in South Africa. The ores are processed using exclusively developed proprietary technology to produce some remarkable eco-friendly and energy saving mineral based products for applications such as; ultra-lightweight concrete screeds, thermally insulating plasters, Perlite filter aids, pollution-control, water treatment, swimming pool/pond filtration and farming.

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