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  • Pratliperl® 10kg bag (For Lightweight Plaster and Screeds)


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    Pratliperl® 10kg bag (For Lightweight Plaster and Screeds)
    • Pre-treated to enable it to mix with ordinary cement for the production of ultra lightweight screeds and plaster Excellent thermal insulator. Stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Just 16mm of Pratliperl plaster doubles the thermal insulation of a two leaf (220mm) external brick wall! Save energy and the environment. 
    • Assists in complying with SANS 204 
    • Ultra lightweight. Pratliperl concrete will even float on water! 
    • Exceptional Fire Resistance 
    • Plastering with Pratliperl produces an ultra smooth finish 
    • Superior strength 
    • Non-toxic dust 
    • Does not spall under extreme heat like ordinary concrete or plaster

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    Cat. No: 99031 (without fibres), 99036 (with fibres)