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  • Slag-Ag® (Slag coagulant for foundary use)


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    Slag-Ag® (Slag coagulant for foundary use)
    • Skim the slag off molten iron, steel or non-ferrous pouring ladles, thereby minimising scrap resulting from "Slag Inclusions" 
    • Apply either to the surface of the melt after the ladle is full or place at the bottom and pour metal onto Slag-Ag®. 
    • Where bottom poured ladles are used, Slag-Ag® thoroughly cleans the metal by transporting impurities to the top where it coagulates them in the slag throughout the pouring operation. 
    • Reduced energy usage by thermally insulating the molten metal surface 
    • Inhibits the re-migration of sulphur from the slag back into the melt after desulphurization has taken place.

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    Cat. No: 99001