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Pratley Electrical

Pollution Clean-up

  • Pratley "Clino" Natural Zeolite (For water supply filtration and golf course maintenence)


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    • Used in the filtration of water supplies and sewage effluent 
    • Acts as a molecular sieve which absorbs cations 
    • Retains water and nutrients when added to soil and acts as a slow release fertilizer. Used effectively in golf course maintenance 
    • Inhibits algae growth in ponds and dams 
    • Removes heavy metals in acid mine drainage 
    • Zeolite was used in the nuclear cleanup of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear disasters

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    Cat. No: 99087 (Ultra fine), 99089 (1.4 - 2mm), 99091 (6 - 10mm), 99093 (10 - 20mm)