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Technical Information

Clinomix – Feed additive


Clinomix is registered with the department of agriculture as a stock remedy. Extensive testing of the product for toxicity and efficacy was performed on the product before registration could be granted.

Adding Clinomix to feed

It is recommended that between 1-5% by weight of Clinomix is added to the feed.

No Shelf Life

Clinomix is a completely inorganic product. The product will therefore not deteriorate over time. It is however recommended that bags be kept in a dry area as wetting the product tends to make the product cake together, ultimately reducing workability into the feed.

Other bag sizes

Clinomix can be purchased in smaller 25kg’s bags. These bags are usually supplied to smaller retailers or dog food manufacturers where a 25Kg bag is easier to handle.

Feeding Clinomix to Poultry

Clinomix can also be fed to Poultry, however we recommend rather using our Clinoxin product. This product is supplied in 25kg bags. Benefits of feeding Clinoxin include the following: Decreases Ammonia levels in poultry houses; reducing odour; cleaner healthier and drier production environment; healthier poultry less susceptible to disease; Improves feed to weight conversion efficiency.