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Grolite – Growing medium

Grades and Sizes

Grolite is available in three grades. Namely; Grolite Type 1 Fine, Grolite Type 1 Medium, Grolite Type 1 Course. Particle sizes for the three grades are as follows. Grolite Type 1 Fine: 0 – 1mm, Grolite Type 1 Medium: 0 – 2 mm, Grolite Type 1 Course : 1 – 3.5mm.

Each grower has their own mix which they achieve via experimentation. Common Grolite blends however include, 50% Grolite to 50% Peat, or, 1/3 soil 1/3 Golite, 1/3 Peat.

Superior bead quality

The raw material used to manufacture Grolite is locally mined. This ultimately ensures that prices remain stable and don’t fluctuate with the Rand. The raw material used to manufacture Grolite is also unique in that it produces a hard final product. What this means is that Grolite will not degrade when transported ultimately reducing the amount of dust is the product.

Inert and Sterile

Grolite is completely inert. This property results from the way in which the product is manufactured. During manufacturing the Grolite is exposed to temperatures in excess of 900 degrees Centigrade. Pathogenic microbes are destroyed during processing due to these high temperatures.

Grolite will not degrade

Grolite is an inorganic material. The product will therefore not rot over time. Due to Grolite’s hard surface structure, the product is also less susceptible to degradation during mixing.