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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I go about purchasing Pratley mineral products?

For friendly and efficient service, you can send your order either via telephone or email (Please see our “Contact” page for details). You can make payment by EFT, cash or credit card. Once payment has reflected in our bank account and your order is ready for delivery or collection, you will be notified by one of our sales consultants. Collections are from our collections warehouse in Chamdor. Please see our “Contact” page for the physical address. Cash or card payments must be done at our Head Office in Factoria prior to collection. PLEASE NOTE: we do not accept payments at our Chamdor collections warehouse.

Q: How much energy can Pratliperl save?

The U Value (Thermal Transmittance) of a typical cavity brick wall (i.e. 1 Brick + 35 mm air gap + 1 Brick) is:

U = 1.6 W/m2°K (Note: 1°C = 1°K)


For example, if it is 23 °C inside and 1 °C outside (difference = 22 °C) then 1.6 x 22 = 35,2 Watts will flow through each m2 of a cavity brick wall.

So, for a typical 4 m long x 2.5 m high external wall of a room in a house, the heat flow will be 35.2 x 4 x 2.5 = 352 this means that you will need to pay to heat the room (with electricity) by at least this amount. (Remember there is also additional heat loss through the floor, other walls & ceiling.)

The typical U Value of a 20 mm Pratliperl plastered (inside and outside) cavity brick wall is:

U = 1 W/m2°K

So, there is a 40% energy saving! (U=1 vs U=1.6)

If we now also put dry loose fill Pratliperl into the 35 mm cavity of the wall, the wall U Value goes down to:

U = 0.67W/m2°K

A 58% energy saving! (U=0.67 vs U=1.6)

Plastering with Pratliperl and filling the cavity with loose fill Pratliperl saves lots of money in electricity costs!


What is a Watt?

If you go a certain distance in a given amount of time; that is called speed. So speed is the rate at which you use up distance and has units measured with 2 parameters. One is distance and one is time. Hence, Km per hour. (Km/hr).

Power is similar and is measured in watts. A watt is also a rate. It is the rate at which energy is used or transferred. The unit of energy is a JOULE, hence 1 Watt = 1 JOULE PER SECOND. (J/s).


Q: Can you deliver Pratley mineral products?

Yes, most of our deliveries are done by courier companies, which means we can deliver anywhere. The cost of the delivery will be for the customer’s account. When ordering, please indicate that you would like the product delivered so that we can send you a delivery quote. Due to the bulkiness and volume of these products, special delivery and loading protocols are necessary to avoid added costs. Please carefully read our delivery and offloading terms and conditions document on our Downloads page. Please note that if you order 50 bags or more, we do require a signed copy of the document.

Q: How many bags of Pratliperl will I be able to fit on a one ton bakkie?

You will be able to fit 25 x 10kg bags on a normal one ton bakkie.

Q: What is the maximum number of Pratliperl bags you can deliver?

We can fit 1200 bags of Pratliperl on a Super-Link truck.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a 10% discount for 200 bags or more of Pratliperl.

Q: Will I get an additional discount if I pay cash?

We offer an additional 5% for cash payments done prior to delivery or collection.

Q: Do you have other supply branches in South Africa?

Pratley has branches in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town and all our products are available from these branches. Please refer to our Contact Us page for details.

Q: How should I store Pratliperl?

We recommend storing the Pratliperl underroof and not exposed to the elements.

Q: Do you have suggested installation contractors for Pratliperl?

Please contact our Sales Office who will happily assist with recommendations.

Q: Do I use the same Pratliperl product for plaster and screeds?

Yes, it is the same product called Pratliperl for Plaster and Screeds. The product code is: 99031

Q: Do you supply training on your products?

Yes, we can arrange for training both at our offices or onsite at your premises.