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Pratley to continue to focus on innovation and exports in 2020

After successfully launching a range of new products this year, Pratley will embark on the second phase of its innovation strategy in 2020, CEO Kim Pratley reveals. “A lot of the development work we have undertaken has come to fruition now. Hence we are looking to launch quite a few new products in the New Year, while the next phase of our product development will probably commence mid-year.” ...readmore

Pratley Putty part of Sci-Bono ‘Destination Moon’ exhibition

The only South African product to go to the moon, Pratley Putty, is being featured at a ‘Destination Moon’ exhibition at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in the historic Electric Workshop in the cultural precinct of Newtown, Johannesburg. One of nearly 400 interactive exhibitions, ‘Destination Moon’ celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on 20 July.  ...readmore

Virtually unbreakable terminals from Pratley

Kwikblok® rail-mounted terminals and accessories from Pratley are not only smaller and more compact than ordinary terminals, but virtually unbreakable due to them being manufactured from Polyamide 6.6, which is exceedingly tough.

They have an extremely short assembly time due to the modular and interlocking nature of the products. Kwikbloks® can be mounted on a standard N35 rail by simply pushing the pre-assembled blocks onto the rail, or by snapping a group of pre-assembled blocks onto the rail.

Once snapped-on, the feet of the terminals are relieved from stress, which means that the plastic will not fatigue. A single-piece housing prevents side thrust on the plastic, which eliminates cracking completely, according to Pratley Marketing Director Eldon Kruger.

The terminals also incorporate unique ‘griplok’ contacts that provide security against any screws coming loose, while the ‘griplok’ shoe makes for easy wire insertion and protection. The spring-loaded ‘griplok’ shoes ensure secure contact even with cold flow wires, while the roll threaded screws allow for very high clamping torque.

“We have a wide range of accessories in the range including VL connecting straps, VBU supports, VBL removable jumpers, VSK safety covers, VS connecting clamps, IW and iWFK2.5 insulating partitions, SK end clamps, KAW safety covers, VB and SB2.5 connecting links, STB plug sockets, PST test plugs, mounting rails, and G-cartridge fuses,” Eldon adds.

In addition, separator blocks can be supplied with a TS plug for easy disconnecting (IKTS4). These serve to open and/or close the circuit easily without removing the conductor. The IKTS4 separator blocks can also be fitted with a variety of useful electronic plug accessories. The IKT10 universal separator can accept test plugs/sockets or removable jumper connection terminals. An HSK50 general strip marker is also available to fit all Kwikblok® sizes.

Other technical features of the Kwikblok® range include:

Temperature resistance of 100°C (continuous) and 170°C for short periods

Melting temperature of 240°C, a dielectric strength of 50 kV/mm

Comparative tracking index in excess of 400

Made from self-extinguishing material

Resistance to petrol, oils, grease, and alcohols

Available in Ex e versions for hazardous locations

We are also able to factory fit Kwikblok® terminals in Pratley junction boxes to our customers’ exact specifications. This saves the contractor a lot of installation time and labour out on-site,” concludes Eldon.

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SA Mint honours Pratley Putty

During the 1960's the founder of Pratley, Mr George Montague (Monty) Pratley assisted by a chemist, Mr Frank Robinson, invented the world's first Epoxy Putty.Initially the intention was to use it internally for the insulating and affixing of terminals to cast iron Electrical Junction Boxes.Subsequently it was launched into the market as "Pratley Plastic Putty", this name was later changed to just "Pratley Putty". ...readmore

Pratley upgrades its research laboratories with the latest tech

South African manufacturer Pratley has recently undergone an extensive revamp of its two main test and research laboratories, according to CEO Kim Pratley. This has bolstered its unique position among electrical-equipment manufacturers globally in that it has both the capability and facilities to manufacture base polymer materials in-house, in addition to the end products themselves. ...readmore

Easing the pain of liquid spill clean-ups

Well-known manufacturer Pratley recently identified a need for a product that can be used in pollution control. More specifically, in the easy and efficient clean-up of liquid spills in the mining and other industrial sectors. The result was more than they had hoped for, and a completely natural, mineral-based product called Gunge Spunge was born.  ...readmore