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Pollution Clean-up

  • Gunge Spunge 12kg bag (Clean-up powder)


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    Gunge Spunge 12kg bag (Clean-up powder)
    • Clean-up oil spills and other liquid hydrocarbons commonly found at fuel service stations, refineries, workshops and airports
    • Mop-up operations at road and accident scenes and sites where toxic material has been spilled
    • Marine oil spill clean-up operations
    • Animal feedlots and poultry coops where hygiene and odour control is paramount.
    • Septic tank and sewer overflow clean-up operations
    • Cleaning and odour suppression of carpets and furniture contaminated by decaying matter or animal excretion
    • Oil and fat clean-up following a braai or barbecue
    • Complies with community fire safety by-laws that require non-combustible materials to soak up flammable substances

    Cat. No: 99095